Camera Monitoring

GEXTON is such a leading brand of technology for Camera Monitoring System which enables you to save your business and homes with fully equipped and standardized system. We take pride in offering only the best Security Systems.

With GEXTON Security Camera monitoring system you can have a complete featured, expert-grade security solution that are easy to install and simple to use.
GEXTON has made your areas secured. Now you can monitor your homes or business either your out of area, home, city or country using Online Viewing Support.

CCTV Cameras Tray

  • Bullet Cameras
  • Dome Cameras
  • Outdoor Cameras
  • Infrared Cameras
  • PTZ Security Cameras
  • Hidden Spy Cameras
  • Lenses


We have a wide range of Camera Systems of DVRs from 2 – 32 channels.



With the GEXTON’s range of DVR security system (Digital Video Recorders) connected with the security system of CCTV ensures you with what the CCTV camera see, you can play it back at a later time. Stop, crop, rewind, stop or play.

The GEXTON’s Security not only provides you online viewing but also enables you to view the footage either from Computer, laptop, tablet or Smartphone.Our Security system is available between 2 to 16 channels, Woo! Now you can connect 16 cameras at a single time.

Our Security System is to protect your Homes & Business

CCTV Camera PC Cards

Gexton guaranteed to be 100% secured and authentic in providing all varieties of CCTV Camera PC Cards and is offering the most feasible prizes with compatibility.This allows system to run more efficiently and allows high upgraded cards to be installed in the system.We can build custom DVR combos for the services too.