Fire Alarm System

GEXTON’s Fire Alarm System and Security is one of the Pakistan’s best contracting firm working within a great experience over 15 years.
Here at GEXTON we handle all of your fire and/or security alarm needs from start to finish and the maintenance of your alarm system as well. We are specialized in fire alarm designs and installations of new alarm systems to fit your needs and specifications.

We are able to eliminate the need to outsource the design and development of your particular system. In addition to installations, we maintain almost all major brands of alarm system with 24/7 monitoring, annual inspections and maintenance agreement focused on the client individual needs!


Smoke, Gas & Heat detectors

Smoke Detectors

As the name suggests, smoke detectors are used to detect/sense smoke, generally indicating fire. For commercial security, these detectors signal the fire alarm control panel while for households, an audible or visual alarm is indicated. We provide both of them.



Gas Detectors

Since many gases are hazardous to organic life, we are here to guard you. These specially designed gas detectors indicate the presence of harmful gases in the air, generally used in households to monitor gas leakages and in industries.

Heat detectors

These detectors are designed to respond and alarm to the unwanted thermal changes, usually caused due to fire leading to increase in temperature.


Sirens and strove lights



Sirens are the devices that make loud audible noise to indicate a message or warning. A siren with proper frequency, appropriate volume, pitch control and audibility is what we serve here to make your system best for everyone.

Strove lights

Strobe light is a device that produces regular flashes of light, typically used in alarm systems to indicate or alarm.



Motion detectors

A device specifically designed to detect moving objects, generally people. A wide usage is marked generally in buildings for automatic door openers, indoor and outdoor automatic lightning activation and mostly in households to warn the motion of an intruder.

Control Panel

The control panel is the main controlling component of the overall security system. All the detectors, siren, door bells and other security system associated devices are connected to the control panel and are automatically controlled and managed here.



Intelligent Fire Alarm

The intelligent fire alarm device in including detectors and pull stations. A fully integrated part of GEXTON’s family of fire alarm and fire suppression releasing panels, this device is easily programmable, reducing overall cost and commissioning of the entire fire alarm system.

Temperature Sensor

It is simply a device that is used to measure the temperature. These are precise, easy to use and totally inexpensive.



Voice Evacuation System

Addressing public in troublesome is found to be more convenient and less frightening with a voice message rather than a siren or alarm and here the Voice Evacuation System is what fits in. It is designed to address public with a voice recording, usually instructing or informing of a situation or to convey a message.

Emergency Lighting System

This is a simplest substitute to the DC light when it goes down. The emergency lighting system operates automatically when the building encounters power outage.