We design, build and sustain IT solutions

We are an established information technology solution provider. Based in Pakistan, Gexton is an IT solutions and services organization with its focus on the banking, finance, education and Production industry providing a broad range of IT solutions & services which include Consultancy, Deployment, Independent Testing, Lan, Wan, Information Security, Production Support, & Integration. We help companies to design, build and deploy systems that deliver competitive advantage and improve business performance. We thrive on creating balanced technical solutions to demanding business challenges.


More than the latest trend and more than a promise of future benefit, Gexton delivers today what most businesses need for IT infrastructure: efficiency, scalability, security, and recovery. At lower costs than you are likely paying now. Gexton A Trusted Partner When the Challenge is Difficult and When Information Matters Most

What we Offer


Network Consultancy

Consulting has been a major factor in predetermining corporate needs,
with multiple options provided for each of our clients along with
cost/benefit analysis, thus our clients will be able to understand the
various problem aspects, their exact needs and the proposed turn-key
Proposing the adequate IT solution has never been easier. At Gexton we
have the know-how and expertise to build your solution from the
inception phase till the hand over. Understanding the customers' needs
and existing set up is essential to the success of the installation.
Implementation and timely hand over is another element for customer
satisfaction. Maintenance and onsite support is the key to successful
operation of your system.

On Site IT Support

Gexton customers are our business partners. They can outsource our technical expertise by contracting our engineers in their IT department to help them develop their internal skills and carry out complex tasks.

Structured Cabling

One of the various fields we provide and support for our clients in the most professional manner is the cabling infrastructure. We provide structured cabling laying, installation, testing and certification as well as a large choice of structured cabling components and accessories.

Network Study

Finding the right network topology and layout is a major factor to
consider when there is a future expansion scheme within your
organization. Knowing the right technology to use in building and
maintaining your network should be handed to experts.

LAN/WAN & Network Installation

Installing Local Area Networks within your offices is done professionally by our skilled team, using various state of the art technologies ranging from wired to wireless. We have also developed our skills in the Wide Area Network technologies from small networks to very large complex WANs that include all your branches,Firewall and Load Balancers.

Hardware Maintenance

We provide maintenance for all hardware components, accessories and peripherals such as Networking equipment, includes Firewalls, router, switches and Load balancer.

Service Contracts

This is one of the distinctive services available at Gexton, where we
are your external IT support. Monthly and Yearly contracts are