Road safety

Protection and security are key concerns of any transport system. Travelers have safe transportation expectations. And Gexton serves at its best to meet your requirements and expectations ensuring satisfactory standards for all modes of road security elements. Because we value your needs to suit them at their best and help you create a safe transport environment to provide highest safety standards. Our road security agency deals with various transport elements enlisted below.

Solutions we Offer

  • Walk through gates
  • Portable metal Detectors
  • Sliding & Swing gates
  • Road barriers
  • Road Spikes
  • Road blockers
  • Roadside bollards

Walk through gates

To mark security with most frequent manner is best carried out with walk through gates which enables the security professionals to scan people efficiently. The metal detector wand will locate the target and indicate it with an audible tone.



Portable metal Detectors

These handheld conveyable metal detectors are used for security purpose to explore all kinds of metals, usually guns and knives in public places.

Sliding & Swing gates

Here comes the discussion about some best gates in industry, usually custom built to your size, height, infill, color and price. Also available in either cantilevered or tracked configurations. These are designed to suit your exact requirements.



Road barriers

It is a heavy duty metal barrier meant to control traffic flow and intensive use in car parks, residential complexes, toll plazas, and in other similar applications. All our barriers are available in metal outfit with varying length up to 5 meters.

Road Spikes

Road spikes are designed specially to either puncture the tires of a vehicle for a specific security purpose or to obstruct the vehicle to move on one way road. These consists of spikes, metal barbs usually pointed upwards.



Road blockers

Road blockers are key components of specified security plans to avoid unauthorized entries. The ultimate barricade designed according to your specifications and needs to be used in manned or un-manned installations. Strong, reliable and durable.

Roadside bollards

We also offer a wide range of roadside bollards helping towards parking, and ideal to control access. Also used to obstruct the passage of traffic for a specific mean. Our bollards are made from various materials including woods, steel, and metal and can be customized.

We offer a practical solution for roadside safety to meet your requirements and suit your needs.